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ThinkCentral Log-in

Math Facts in a Flash Log in: Renaissance Place

IXL Log in: IXL Website

EXCELLENT MATH DICTIONARY with definitions, examples and practice problems

Another math dictionary: Illustrated Math Dictionary

K-3 Math

K-3 Math Sites:

Below are websites to help with math learning.

4-6th math links

Great Math Dictionary for 5th, 6th grades and up!

Practice on many math topics by grade level: aaamath

Math games on all topics: Sheppard Software







resource links

reading/language arts

Language Games for 4-6th Grades

  • Build a sentence game Penguins on Ice
  • Word game: How many words can you form from these letters? Word Scramble
  • This game is really fun, but its hard! You build words to earn points - the longer the word, the more points you earn. Kalima
  • At this site you can find lots of word games to play Word games
  • Word games in English http://dyn.agame.com/search.php?search=word
  • Here is a fun punctuation game! Try this challenge! Log in as be.student, with the password, beamer. Punctuation Paintball!
  • Here is a site with lots of different grammar games!! Everything from punctuation to verbs and adjectives! Go Grammar!!
  • Here are two games to play: 1) for Nouns and Verbs 2) for all parts of speech Grammar Gorillas
  • And, several more grammar games and activities... Play these: 1) Antonyms 2) Don't Get Tense! (Great practice in verb tenses) 3) Grammar Activity 1 (Know your parts of speech!) 4) Grammar Activity 2 (more parts of speech) 5) Word Meaning (Try out your vocabulary knowledge!) 6) Right sentence (Complete the sentence with the right word) http://www.pitara.com/activities/wordplay/
  • Practice recognizing nouns. Is it a noun? (terms to know: proper noun, common noun, not a noun) Noun Dunk!
  • And another grammar game... Clean up the beach! (sort words into verbs and nouns) Clean up your grammar!
  • Here is a game that practices the meanings of suffixes and prefixes. Short Circuit
  • Here is a spelling fishing game. You have to choose the right spelling to win. (looks at how the "y" changes and at doubled consonants) Fish 'Em Up!!
  • Practice your apostrophes here. Apostrophes
  • And for punctuation practice... Punctuation Campground

online strategy games

art sites

second grade social studies links

science links:

technology links

Keyboarding Practice

Do you want to learn to type quickly? Here are some sites where you can practice your keyboarding skills!

Type on-line

BBC Dance Mat Typing



Learning Games for Kids: Keyboarding

Here are some games to keep practicing your keyboarding skills.

Paratrooper sheep

Type Me

Super Hyper Spider Typer

Typing Chef

Test your keyboarding speed here: Power Typing Test


Other Games and Activities:

Make-a-Flake (Click on Make Your Own Snowflake)

Carve a virtual pumpkin

Online Pumpkin Carving

social studies


Wikipedia page about California

Desert Region of California – Wikipedia article

Coastal Region of California – Wikipedia article

Sierra Nevada in Califonia – Wikipedia article

California Regions – Wikipedia

Central Valley of California – Wikipedia

Virtual Realities of California – click on a region to see!

California History Online

California studies page with links to many different sites

Topographical Map of California

Map of the California Regions


California Native Americans (see Cultural Areas map)

Intro about California Native Americans

Wikipedia page on Native Americans (click on the tribe for more information)

U.S. History

White House for Kids

13 Colonies – Wikipedia


Information about the 13 Colonies

Detailed information about the 13 original colonies

Cool Interactive Time Line about the Revolution

Revolutionary War website

Ancient Civilizations

Aerial map of Mesopotamia - Most of Mesopotamia, also called the Cradle of Life, is in modern-day Iraq and Syria. A large brown and green area at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (right center) is the Marshlands of Mesopotamia, home of the Madan, the Marsh Arabs.

Wikipedia article on Mesopotamia

Wikipedia article about Ancient Egypt

The British Museum website on Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egypt Site

History of Egypt for Kids

Website for kids

Wikipedia article on the Book of the Dead

For information on Ancient Egypt's writing and gods, look at this cool page